No, you are completely safe and are not using someone else's stolen account or anything alike. You account is made when you redeem your key.
If you need help or have other inquiries about anything regarding our services please refer to our support section -
You will always receive your purchased product to your email within 1-5 minutes after payment, make sure to check any possible spam folders on your email as well.
We have a separate website that resellers are able to send their customers to, all they have to do is input their key and other details. Once they've activated their account they can fully manage it as well as the emails from the same link. Link:
At the moment those are the only payment methods we accept and we are not able to accept anything else in tickets or anywhere else. Resellers might however accept other payment methods.
We take security very seriously and we encourage you to choose strong passwords that are not used on other websites as well as an email with 2FA to prevent any unauthorized use of your account. Unfortunately however we are not able to refund/replace any keys if you do not secure your account correctly.